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At Web Astro, we help Townsville businesses stand out online with a custom website, unique logo design and branding, and engaging videography and photography that reflects your business to your customers.

A Digital Creative Agency in Townsville, North QLD

Welcome to Web Astro, your navigator in the digital cosmos. Located in Townsville, North QLD, we’re on a mission to help businesses interact better with their clients and build their trust by creating a professional and impactful digital presence. Our small, passionate team blends over a decade of web design, graphic design and photography expertise with a passion for storytelling, ensuring your brand’s digital identity captivates and resonates.

Web Design Solution

Your Comprehensive Digital Partner

At Web Astro, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your digital needs. From the ground up, we’re equipped to handle every aspect of your online presence. Our unique blend of services ensures that every detail, from website design to logo design and branding to our videography and photography, all work in harmony to elevate your business.

Get in touch with Web Astro for a comprehensive web design and development approach that brings your vision to life.

Design Meets Innovation

Web Astro specialises in high-quality web development and branding for small businesses. Our services, from website design to logo creation, focus on building a strong brand identity. We ensure your site not only looks great but also loads quickly, catering perfectly to your target audience.

Growth-Focused Solutions

We craft custom solutions aimed at long-term growth. Our approach goes beyond what a DIY website builder offers, providing a comprehensive brand strategy that attracts and nurtures customers. Using WordPress or Shopify, easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) we ensure your online presence grows with your business.

Building Your Brand Story

Our goal is to create a brand image that truly represents your business. Through thoughtful website design and engaging content, we help you connect deeply with your audience. We’re here to turn your products and services into an engaging narrative that resonates with your customers.


Nathan Mulligan

Nathan Mulligan

Founder / Web Designer

Nathan is a multi-talented creative professional with over a decade of experience in graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, web design, video production, and community development.  His portfolio showcases impactful and customised solutions for diverse clients, from small businesses to large-scale events. Passionate about using artistic skills for environmental and humanitarian causes.

 Lloyd Lindee

Lloyd Lindee

Photographer / Videographer

Lloyd brings a dynamic blend of talent, passion, and professional experience. Since acquiring his first camera at age 16, he has honed his skills, capturing vivid moments and narrating stories through visual art. Lloyd excels in diverse genres including portraits, landscapes, and events, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency. His unique approach combines the emotion of the moment with the timeless beauty of photography and videography.

Daev Ogilvi

Daev Ogilvi

Video Editor

Daev Ogilvie is a leader in photography, videography, and graphic design, with a global career spanning over 18 years. Originating from Australia, his work has been featured in iconic locations such as Times Square and on major platforms like MTV, NBC, and UFC. Daev is renowned for his dynamic approach to creative projects, leading campaigns for brands like Lululemon and Herschel and designing for significant sports venues worldwide. 

Cathlea Mulligan

Cathlea Mulligan


Cathlea is a private practice counsellor holding a degree in languages and a post-graduate degree in counselling, Cathlea brings a unique blend of empathy, insight, and narrative craftsmanship to her role as a copywriter. Her trilingual skills, globe-trotting experiences, and profound conversations contribute to a rich understanding of diverse perspectives. Cathlea employs her counselling wisdom to connect deeply with our clientele, ensuring their voices are heard and accurately represented in our work. 

We’re excited to announce out lastest team members, check back soon!

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