About us

Web Astro is a full-service creative team specialising in Web Design, Branding and Content Creation. Based in Townsville, we provide bespoke and contemporary design solutions to businesses in Townsville, North QLD and beyond.

Our multi-talented team has over a decade of experience in web design, graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, photography and video production.

Chart your course through cyberspace with Web Astro, your seasoned guide in design.

We’ve worked on projects from logos for startups to the projections on sails of the Sydney Opera House. No matter the size, we’ve got you covered!


Nathan Mulligan

Nathan Mulligan

Founder / Graphic Designer

Nathan is a multi-talented creative professional with over a decade of experience in graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, web design, video production, and community development.  His portfolio showcases impactful and customised solutions for diverse clients, from small businesses to large-scale events. Passionate about using artistic skills for environmental and humanitarian causes. 

Lloyd Lindee

Lloyd Lindee

Photographer / Videographer

Lloyd brings a dynamic blend of talent, passion, and professional experience. Since acquiring his first camera at age 16, he has honed his skills, capturing vivid moments and narrating stories through visual art. Lloyd excels in diverse genres including portraits, landscapes, and events, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency. His unique approach combines the emotion of the moment with the timeless beauty of photography and videography.

Cathlea Mulligan

Cathlea Mulligan


Cathlea is a private practice counsellor holding a degree in languages and a post-graduate degree in counselling, Cathlea brings a unique blend of empathy, insight, and narrative craftsmanship to her role as a copywriter. Her trilingual skills, globe-trotting experiences, and profound conversations contribute to a rich understanding of diverse perspectives. Cathlea employs her counselling wisdom to connect deeply with our clientele, ensuring their voices are heard and accurately represented in our work. 

We’re excited to announce out lastest team members, check back soon!

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