Case Study

CollaborOCEANS is an environmental arts organisation that brings together creatives from all industries to protect marine life and raise awareness for ocean conservation through exhibitions, events, and campaigns.

Our engagement with CollaborOCEANS began in 2021, spotlighting the projection on the sails of the Sydney Opera House for World Ocean Day, and further blossomed to incorporate projects like the Youth Ocean Carnival.


From concept to final execution, our team was tasked with the design, development, hosting, and maintenance of the CollaborOCEANS website, employing the versatility of WordPress, DIVI Builder, and the Revolution Slider plugin.

ART on Sails // World Ocean Day 2021

In partnership with artists, photographers, and athletes associated with CollaborOCEANS, we had the unique opportunity of transforming the sails of the Sydney Opera House into a canvas, showcasing the awe-inspiring beauty of our marine world. Together with The Electric Canvas, we modified and animated 13 pieces of art to suit the iconic ‘Sails’.

Collateral // IT

We took charge of creating a strong and consistent brand identity for the organisation by designing their business cards, letterheads, and Gmail signatures. The fantastic original logo design is by Sophie at Projkt!

Event Portfolio

This document outlines all of the events CollaborOceans held from 2020-2022. The purpose of this portfolio is to boost their profile and gain support for the Youth Ocean Carnival on World Ocean Day.

Sydney Opera House Event // Ocean Panel

The Ocean Panel was an invitation-only luncheon organised by CollaborOCEANS and held in the Yallamundi Rooms of the Sydney Opera House. The event included an address from the executive director of World Ocean Day, Bill Mott, and a range of keynote speakers. It also featured a panel discussion focused on World Ocean Day, ocean conservation and the announcement of the Youth Ocean Carnival.

The event print material included table numbers, individual name cards, a quad-fold flyer, a guest seating plan, welcome posters, and a run sheet. The digital material had an event location guide, slideshow and projector background.

Applications and Platforms Used