Youth Ocean Carnival

Case Study

The Youth Ocean Carnival (YOC), World Ocean Day Sydney is an annual music, art, science, sport and conservation event. It gathers the energy, passion and innovation of GEN Z youth towards a call to ocean action. The event brings together 5,000 youth across Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities at Luna Park, Sydney and other Sydney Harbour locations.

During the course of ten months, Web Astro completed 52 projects for YOC. This included crafting a full branding package from scratch and delivering elements such as Sponsorship Pitch Decks, Programs, Social Media Advertising, and 3D Installation Mockups.

Logo Design

The YOC logo was designed to reflect the vibrancy and effervescence of GEN Z Youth. The ‘Nighty’ typeface was used to impart a retro feel that aligns with current design trends. The font is given a curve to emanate the waves of the ocean. The logo’s circular frame was created from a time-lapse picture of a ferris wheel, giving the appearance of a sun, the perfect representation of the energy and fun of the event.

Sydney Opera House Event // Ocean Panel

The Ocean Panel was an invitation-only luncheon organised by CollaborOCEANS and held in the Yallamundi Rooms of the Sydney Opera House. The event included an address from the executive director of World Ocean Day, Bill Mott, and a range of keynote speakers. It also featured a panel discussion focused on World Ocean Day, ocean conservation and the announcement of the Youth Ocean Carnival.

The event print material included table numbers, individual name cards, a quad-fold flyer, a guest seating plan, welcome posters, and a run sheet. The digital material had an event location guide, slideshow and projector background.


Beyond basic requirements, our team produced extensive content including billboard, media wall, vehicle, and installation mockups, along with social media posts, invites, illustrations, and photo manipulations. Vehicle mockup for display purposes only.

Editorial and Print Design

Ten books were designed, each serving as a unique resource for potential sponsors, grant applications, stakeholders, schools, government departments and participants. These books were designed to be both engaging and educational, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of ocean conservation and the vision of YOC.

Web // IT

Web Astro was entrusted with the end-to-end management of the Youth Ocean Carnival’s website, covering design, development, hosting, and maintenance. We also played an IT role, setting up Google Workspace, Gmail signatures, and document templates to streamline workflows. Post the successful implementation of automation via, we empowered the staff with training to effectively use these resources.

Applications and Platforms Used