YWAM Medical Ships

Case Study

YWAM Medical Ships is a charity that brings community development and humanitarian aid throughout Papua New Guinea. Their outreaches and training programs are designed to mobilise and equip people to help build healthy lives, communities, and nations.

Mandy’s Story | a six-year-old with cataracts

While on board the YWAM’s medical ship, he visited some remote islands off the coast of the mainland of PNG. This is where he met Mandy, a young girl who was blind in both eyes from cataracts that developed when she was three years old. Lloyd managed to capture all the footage, (including touching interviews and B roll) and edited it onboard the YWAM medical ship using Premier Pro. Here is her story.

Singapore University Hospital Visit to YWAM Medical Ship

Lloyd journeyed to PNG and joined the YWAM Medical ship to document the visit of a delegation from the Singapore University Hospital. The purpose of this visit was to consider the possibility of deploying surgical teams to serve aboard the MV YWAM PNG. He carried out interviews using industry-standard equipment and accompanied the team for a little less than a week. The project was then edited using Premier Pro.

Customised App Helps YWAM’s Clinics Go Paperless

In this collaborative project, Lloyd worked side by side with YWAM medical ships, FileMaker, and App developer, Marty and his company, Gearbox Solutions. To share the story behind developing this custom app for the YWAM medical ship, Lloyd filmed all the content using high-end equipment and edited it on Adobe’s Premier Pro. Following the introduction of the app, the YWAM team managed to reduce their data collating time from up to 30 hours per week, to now less than five.

Document Template

Nathan completed a project that entailed the design of a template for a corporate book, brochure or document utilising InDesign. His aim was to forge an easily editable, professional design that transitioned the brand’s identity towards a contemporary, fresh direction. For maintaining consistency, he employed Master Pages and provided an elaborate guide layer to facilitate the user in populating the template.

Papua New Guinea Map

In an endeavour to provide precise tracking for the YWAM Media Team, I meticulously designed to scale a stylised map of Papua New Guinea featuring each province in its own layer, offering a level of detail previously unseen in any vector map available. This map’s accuracy is down to a 1km granularity and has been optimised for use in both motion graphics and future documentation.

Brand Identity Guidelines

A comprehensive brand guideline was formulated, synthesising the organization’s mission and values through deep research and strategic design decisions around typography, colour schemes, iconography, and layout principles.

This not only amplified YWAM’s identity but also ensured its seamless application across multiple platforms. The completed brand guidelines provide a strategic tool for effective communication and brand consistency, thus elevating the organisation’s visibility and reinforcing its connection with its audience.

Ship Model

Nathan transformed the supplied 2D architectural drawings of a proposed mobile medical ship into a comprehensive 3D model, providing a more realistic vision of the vessel.

Ship Sale Document

This document outlines the details of the MV YWAM PNG including crew cabins, common areas, galley, and other amenities. It provided a clear picture of life onboard the ship, which is crucial for potential buyers to gauge the ship’s suitability for their needs. Detailed floor plans were included to visualise the layout and space utilisation. Each section contained photographs and descriptive text about the current condition and capacity of the rooms.

Course Catalogue Design

The catalogue, rich with photography, typography, and an intuitive layout, was designed to present complex information in a visually pleasing and easily understandable format.

Applications and Platforms Used